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Horned Serpent

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Terms and Conditions


The animal(s) shown in an ad or pictured on our website is the actual animal(s) that are available for sale. We are happy to provide detailed information about the history of the individual you are interested in. All animals are guaranteed to be accurately represented with respect to sex, genetics, and coloration. However, lighting conditions, age of animal, shed cycles, camera settings and many other factors interact to effect color. For these reasons , we cannot replace an animal purchased based on appearance unless the wrong animal was actually sent. The color of the photos are not altered in any other way. We do our best to make sure the picture you see is as accurate as possible.  If you would like more pictures of the animal of interest, or even in different lighting, just ask. 

Returns and Guarantee 

We recommend all new acquisitions to any reptile collection be quarantined for a minimum of 90 days. Examination by your own qualified reptile veterinarian is also advisable. We guarantee all of our animals to arrive alive and healthy(Given there isn't an issue with shipping on the carriers behave which voids guarentee.). All animal sales are final.  Returns are not permitted and refunds will not be issued on animals which have left our facility. As we have no control over the environment and pathogens the animals may encounter once they leave our care, it would jeopardize our collection to expose it to a returning specimen. Any exceptions will be at our discretion.

Notification of problems (shipping or otherwise) must be given to us within one (1) hour of arrival (the time of the delivery). If major problems occur (death, illness, etc.) we may ask for proof (photographs, video, deceased specimens returned, etc.) at buyers expense. In the event an animal arrives DOA (Dead On Arrival), replacement of deceased specimens, or refunds are not guaranteed and will be at our discretion.  


We accept several forms of payment including most credit and debit cards (buyer is responsible for paying credit or debit card fees), money order, cashier's check, and Paypal. Payment is due in full immediately upon purchase. We do accept payment plans on a case by case basis. Please inquire should you wish to pay via payment plan. Animals will NOT be held without a 50% deposit of the total cost of the animal minus shipping. The timeframe of paying off the remaining balance will be determined at time of transaction and may vary depending on individual animal(s) value or the buyers financial situation.  Deposits and payments made are non-refundable. Should you fail to to pay the remainder of your balance  within the agreed upon time, the animal(s) will be re-listed for sale and your deposit can be used as credit toward a future purchase (expiration on credit is one year from the date of deposit). We reserve the right to refuse sale to you if at any time during our conversations we feel that selling the animal to you is not in the best interest of the animal. 


It is the buyer's responsibility to be informed regarding any and all possession and transport laws of the animal(s) you wish to acquire, as we will ask. With regards to venomous reptiles; we may ask for additional information such as: copy of ID, permit(s), voice verification to confirm your legitimacy and level of experience with the species of interest, etc. before final transaction is to take place. We will not knowingly break any laws, so please review any and all laws concerning reptile ownership before contacting us to make a purchase. We also reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime for any reason. 

Shipping Policies:

Domestic Shipping

All animals are shipped via FedEx Overnight directly through FedEx using SYR (Ship Yours Reptiles- or Delta Air Cargo (mainly applies to venomous shipments). If shipping is needed, we will contact you to discuss a mutual shipping date. We are not responsible for delays in shipping related to carrier errors or weather.We only ship  Monday through Thursday when weather permits. Non-venomous animals will be packed properly and labeled in accordance with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and SYR standards and policies. Venomous animals will be shipped through Delta Airlines via Delta Air Cargo in an insulated wooden crate or insulated HDX Tough Tote with heat or cool packs if needed. All venomous shipments will be packed and labeled in accordance with FWC and Delta regulations. The buyer will receive a tracking number immediately after booking a shipment.  The live animal guarantee is null and void if you are not available to receive the package on the first delivery attempt by the carrier, or within one (1) hour of delivery for SYR or Delta shipments. All shipping charges are non-refundable. We reserve the right to make the final determination as to whether or not to ship. The welfare of the animal(s) is of the most importance to us and we will not ship if we have any concerns that the animal(s) will not survive the journey.  

International Shipping

 If you wish to have animals shipped internationally, please contact us before purchasing so we are able to get the paperwork started, get a price quote and estimated time frame for shipping. Fees associated with International Shipping include CITES permit and U.S. Fish & Wildlife inspection fees. Depending on your country, additional fees may be required for Health Certificates and USDA permits. Please note, we cannot guarantee how quickly we will be able to send an International Shipment. We cannot be responsible for delays on obtaining CITES. However, we will hold all animals at no additional charge until the shipping date.  

Note: There is a 5,000 minimum order for International Shipments.