Rough-scale pythons

Zoological and Investment Quality Reptiles

Found in the Kimberly region of Northwestern Australia. This is one of the rarest python species to find in the wild. Rough-scale pythons have luckily been successfully established within captive collections around the globe. With the entire captive population stemming from 5 original founder animals collected from the wild by John Weigel and his team from the Australian Reptile Park in Australia. These amazing pythons have since been legally exported out of Australia to the United States as well as Europe. In addition to Australia, this species is being successfully reproduced with consistency in the United States and Europe by zoos and members of the "Invisible Ark". To preserve the integrity of this species in captivity is a huge accomplishment for both zoos and the "Invisible Ark"!

Rough-scale python

(Morelia carinata)

We are currently working work a single pair of these incredible pythons, which were produced by Bushmaster Reptiles in mid 2012. They make interesting and fairly hardy captives and handle similarly to Green Tree and Carpet pythons. If you enjoy working with other Morelia species; you'll have to own this species in your collection at some point, if you don't already!