Here are some great companies who make enclosures and handling equipment:                                                                                               ​​

I would consider this book to be the Holy Bible of venomous snake husbandry and propagation and is a must have for the experienced and novice keepers alike!

Here are some forums and reptile radio podcast we recommend: 

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Locate a reptile veterinarian near you! 

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​Enclosures and Handling Equipment

One of the best books ever written on Heloderma! ​

We also highly recommend THE COMPLETE CARPET PYTHON​ written by Nick Mutton & Justin Julander PhD. Like the title suggests, this is the most complete book currently written on the Carpet Python Complex to date, PERIOD. It also contains the most information that has currently been published on the natural history, ecology, biology, captive husbandry & propagation of the Australian Rough-scale python Morelia carinata!

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We highly recommend Greg Maxwell's The More Complete Chondro  for anyone who keeps or is planning to keeps Green Tree Pythons. We have copies available!

This book is an absolute must for anyone who values what's left of our natural world. A true and real eye opener! You don't have to work with plants or animals to get value out of the message in this book. I would personally buy more than one copy to give to friends or family who may or may not understand, or get why, we as plant or animal keepers do what we do, or why, we do what we do. It throws common sense right in the face of the reader.  You will finish this book feeling disappointed and angry for the sorry and ridiculous state of mind of politics and what's happening to our natural world. But will leave feeling empowered and encouraged to help do something about it!