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Olive python

(Liasis olivaceous)

We are currently working with a single pair of this wonderful species. Produced in mid~late 2012 by Butch in Orlando, Florida. They were my Valentines Day gift to Pia in 2013. We have been raising them up nice and slow and not pushing them with food. We may attempt to breed them sometime in 2017.

​Female: TA1304

Olive pythons

One of the largest of all the Australian pythons. Adults average approximately 8-10 feet long although they can achieve even greater lengths. Olive pythons are long and lean snakes, not achieving the same density of mass as some of the larger species of pythons, such as the Reticulated python (Broghammerus reticulatus). Olives are considered to be more terrestrial; however, they are still agile climbers when they choose.

Male: TA1303