Zoological and Investment Quality Reptiles

Female: TA1436/SA010100

Female: TA1437/SA020107A

Male: TA1435/SA020107B

Female: TA1612

We are currently working with a genetically diverse breeding group of 3.3 adults of this iconic venomous lizard species. We acquired all of our breeders from our good friend John Heidecker of Heidecker Reptiles who is literally right down the road from us in Jacksonville, Florida. Our Heloderma h. exasperatum come from the best captive bloodlines around, originating from Chris Reimann founder of The Gila Ranch and Steve Angeli of "HorridumAngeli" Reptiles.

Male: TA1433/SA020207

Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard
‚Äč(Heloderma exasperatum)

Male: TA1434/CR010109