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Green Tree Pythons

Welcome to our Chondro collection!

Formally known to the world as Chondropython viridis or "Chondro" for short. These wonderful arboreal gems native to the rain forests of New Guinea and Australia, have been clumped into the genus Morelia; containing Carpet, Scrub and Rough-scale pythons. The Green Tree Python is now known to science as Morelia viridis. But the true Green Python fanatics still lovingly refer to these incredible animals as Chondros.

We are working with genetically diverse group of designer bloodlines, stemming from Greg Maxwell's Calico animals, Dream Line, Lemon-tree Line, Trooper Walsh Blue Line and O.S. High Yellow to name a few. These genes can be traced all the way back to the founders of our hobby, and the original imported animals from the early 1970's. We specialize in designer outcrossing, as most of our animals with spectacular genetics are blended with Biaks, Meraukes, and other locales. In addition to other likely compatible genotypes and phenotypes to achieve desirable characteristics in their progeny. Our goal is to produce some of the most unique, eye-catching and genetically healthy Chondros in the world.

In the words of our good friend Greg Maxwell...

" Quality is Contagious! "







"My Favorite Martian"

2014 SH Blue X Kof, # 5

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"Tim Morris Blue Male"





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