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Diamond pythons are the most Southern ranging of all the python species.​ Found in Australia from the extreme southeastern state of Victoria northwards to New South Wales. This species experiences cooler annual temperatures than other python species. Because of this; Diamond pythons do benefit from cooler captive conditions than other python taxa. There is a full chapter dedicated to Diamond pythons in The Complete Carpet Python which covers into detail the natural history, care and reproduction of this species. 

​Female: TA1328

Male: TA1327

Diamond pythons

Diamond python

(Morelia spilota spilota)

We are working with a single pair of these phenomenal pythons. Produced by our good friend Terry Philip of Black Hills Pythons in 2012. We acquired this pair in late 2013 from our best/family friends Forrest & Desire Fanning of Reptek as a wedding gift!