Zoological and Investment Quality Reptiles

Carpet Pythons

Inland carpet python A.K.A. Murray-Darling carpet python

(Morelia spilota metcalfei)

We are working with a beautiful 2012 pair acquired from Nick Mutton. Our male was produced by Dr. Justin Julander and is 50% AAR (Australian Addiction Reptiles) Line and 50% Schofield Line. Our female is a 100% Reinhold Maugg Line animal produced by Nick Mutton. Like many who have kept or worked with Inlands; this is probably our favorite Carpet species we work with in captivity. Most individuals are very tractable (handleable) have relaxed, easy going dispositions and make hardy captives.

Jungle carpet python

(Morelia spilota cheynei)

-Palmerston locality-

We are pleased to be working with this wonderful locality of Jungle. Palmerston's are known for natural wildtype browns, blacks and dark rich golden yellows. We are currently working with a small group of this locality produced in 2009 by Nick Mutton. As Nick put it to us when we purchased the group, "If you like a python that looks like you just found it crawling through Palmerston National Forest... You'll probably like these...". 

He was right!

We are currently working with a small select group of pure species​ and sub-species of carpet pythons and some of their intriguing localities...