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Terrestrial and Arboreal, LLC was established by Cody and Pia Bartolini in June of 2013.

Rough-scale Python

Terrestrial & Arboreal

The Horned Serpent has been revered in many cultures and tribes from all across the world.  Some feared this god and others worshipped it.  In parts of Scandinavia it was called the Lindworm where the mere sight of it was a sign of extraordinary good luck, and the shed skin was believed to greatly increase a person’s knowledge of nature and medicine.  In the region of Italy it was known by another name of Cernunnos that meant the horned one that was worshipped as the Lord of Wild Things.  Cernunnos was the god of Fertility, Life, Animals, Wealth, and the Underworld.  In every corner of the world stories of the horned serpent were told. 

Terrestrial & Arboreal was born in the year of the snake with beliefs that these mystical creatures we keep and breed will bring knowledge and luck to us and those around us.  



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We keep and breed a beautifully diverse collection of both venomous and non-venomous reptiles from around the world. 

Morelia carinata

Specializing in highly coveted, captive born, venomous and non-venomous reptiles.

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